We know of a local woman, let’s call her Jane, who was walking out the door to drop off her kids on her way to work when she got a call from her cousin. She said something had come up and she couldn’t watch the kids. Right then, with no warning, Jane had to decide if she should call in sick and lose a day’s pay, beg the neighbor next door that she doesn’t know very well to watch them, or have her 11-year-old be in charge of the three younger siblings.  In the end, she left the kids at home alone for the day while she went to work.  


Jane is a loving and caring mom, but at that moment she felt like she didn’t have a good choice.  All day long while she was at work, Jane worried about her kids. She would sneak away from her duties as a sales associate to call the kids and make sure they were okay. She gave instructions to her oldest on what to

feed the little ones. She tried to explain how to use a can opener and heat up soup. She was worried, nervous, and forgetful, and she made many mistakes while helping customers check out.


No one should have to make that kind of choice, yet it happens right here every day in our area communities. These are the families we want to help.

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