According to the government a family of four that earns $26,200 is at 100% of the poverty level.  A family of four with a wage earner at $12 an hour ($9 an hour is the minimum wage in Nebraska) is actually 4% below the poverty level according to U.S. government poverty guidelines for 2019.


Family First Academy will give low-income families support by providing 24-hour, quality, reduced fee child care, parent education classes and opportunities to supplement their income by earning vouchers for attending classes.  We are proud that we will offer support that will give families real opportunities to improve their lives.


Imagine living on a margin that is less than $36 a week. This figure is based on gross salary per week, so the actual take home pay is even less. According to the government a family of four that earns $36,156 is at 138% of the poverty level. Families in this income bracket, who have 2 children, pay 28% of their income for child care. This makes paying for unexpected expenses such as a vehicle repair difficult. Family First Academy will not only assist our participants with the cost of child care, we will facilitate learning how to make productive life choices, such as planning ahead and give incentives to participants to earn additional funds through our innovative LIVE LEARN EARN programing.

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