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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement is the Key to Success

Parents are obligated to provide reciprocal time of 4 hours per month, at their child’s childcare site. Requiring families to provide reciprocal time, which is spent in their child’s childcare suite, gives providers opportunities to develop personal relationships with participants, encourages participants an investment in their child’s welfare and allows childcare providers opportunities to demonstrate explicit instruction in areas of precise need and to cultivate life choices through comprehensive targeted coaching.


Keeping Parents Engaged

We offer participants incentives in the form of vouchers to encourage behavioral changes.


Offering monetary incentives will encourage our families to set goals, support productive choices and motivate planning ahead. The voucher system is based on contingency management, which means that participants' behaviors are rewarded for adherence to program rules, regulations and personal choices. 

Vouchers can be used for immediate needs, such as groceries or gas. They can also be saved to buy bigger items like a washer, computer or lawn mower.