Creating Opportunities for Life-changing Ideas.

Family First Academy will facilitate educational programming that will aim to strengthen the family dynamic. Parents will have opportunities to enroll in classes that will help them distinguish multiple solutions for problems that surface and discern the most appropriate choice for their needs.


This includes, but is not limited to nutritional guidance, positive interactive parenting, nurturing, budgeting and financial literacy.

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Quality Food Produces Healthy Happy Kids

Good nutrition is key for growing children's physical, brain health and function.  In addition to providing high quality food to children while in our care, we want to ensure that families understand and can prepare nutritious meals. Parents will be offered nutrition, wellness and food preparation classes where they will learn how to prepare nutritious high quality, kid friendly meals for their families.  After preparing one of our carefully designed meals, our parents will be offered the ingredients to take home and make.  Supporting families to make healthy food choices is just one more way that we at Family First Academy will make a difference.

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Understanding Child Development

Makes Happier Families

Helping parents understand the needs of their children at all stages of development is key to better parenting.  Child development classes will be offered to support this goal. Parents will be taught early childhood development, what toys are appropriate at which ages, how to talk and interact with children at different developmental stages and more. Not only will classroom opportunities be provided, parents will be encouraged to spend time in their child's care setting where they will be mentored and skills modeled by our highly trained professionals. Skills learned will equip parents with the knowledge they need to be the best parents they can be.