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Meals and Snacks

Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks with limited preservatives and limited added fat and sugar will be provided while children are at the childcare. Low nutrient dense foods with preservatives and added fats and sugar impair physical and brain development in young children.  Controlling the diet of participants insures that their nutritional needs are being met while at the childcare. 


Quality Food Produces Healthy Happy Kids

Good nutrition is key for growing children's physical and brain health and function.  To ensure that families understand and can prepare a nutritious meal, parents will be offered cooking classes where they will be shown how to prepare high quality, kid friendly meals for their families.  After learning how to cook one of our carefully designed meals, our parents will be offered the ingredients for a meal they have learned to cook at Family First Academy to take home and make once a month.  Supporting families to make healthy food choices is just one more way that we at Family First Academy are making a difference.