Our mission is simple: give families the tools they need to help themselves. At Family First Academy, we have a three pronged approach to accomplishing this. 

  1. Provide families with high quality, affordable, 24 hour child care to alleviate the burden of insecurity in this area.

  2. Offer research-based educational programs in a variety of areas where low-income families may need support. Examples include nutrition, food preparation, interactive parenting, as well as budgeting and other financial courses. 

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3.  Support our families as they

     build their skills with a voucher

     payment program. Families    

     will receive vouchers for

     participating in the

     educational programs, and will

     then be able to use them to 

     purchase products. They may

     choose to use the

     immediately for smaller

     purchases like groceries and

     gas, or save them up over

     time to purchase larger

     necessities like refrigerators,

     mattresses, or other household


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Family First Academy is committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause.  Since 2019. we've been actively seeking community support so that we can launch our initiative.  Ultimately our success will not be measured by the size of our program, but by more qualitative measurements such as the wellness and financial success of our families.  Just imagine what we can achieve together.