Exceptional Quality Reduced Cost Childcare

Child care will be provided in a small group format, ten to twelve children in a home-like setting with consistent child care provider personnel.  Each child care suite will include children from the same family along with several other families.

Children from the same family sharing the same providers are more congruent with a family setting.  In this more controlled setting child care providers are able to develop close relationships with parents, which fosters the role model paradigm.  A home-like child care setting allows for spaces to relax and play that are similar to a home, which we believe is more comfortable and less stressful for children. 


The Key to Success

Parents will be encouraged to spend time in their child’s care suite. Incentives in the form of vouchers will be provided to those families who participate. Time spent in their child’s care suite gives providers opportunities to develop personal relationships with participants, encourages participants an investment in their child’s welfare and allows child care providers opportunities to demonstrate explicit instruction in areas of precise need and to cultivate life choices through comprehensive targeted coaching.


Meals and Snacks

Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks with limited preservatives and no added fat and sugar will be provided while children are at child care. Low nutrient dense foods with preservatives and added fats and sugar impair physical and brain development in young children.  Controlling the diet of participants insures that their nutritional needs are being met while at the child care. 

Using a Touch Phone


No Place For Mobile Devices

Research suggests that too much time in front of a screen such as a tablet or mobile phone, stunts children's language, social and intellectual development.  Personal electronic devices will be eliminated from kid zones so that children can focus on their job, which is to learn through play, interact with knowledgeable adults and have fun!  As adults, we can be distracted by our electronic devices too.  When adults enter their child's care space, phones will be parked in a distraction free zone, so that caregivers and parents can give their complete attention to the children.

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